Ep. 1-14: Summer Garden Journal 1 | Floods + Staying Sane

For the summer I’m opting for Summer Garden Journals on the podcast. As we all know it can be quite difficult to stay on top of the garden when the growing season is in full swing and I think these summer garden journals will be a great way to chronicle what’s going on here in my garden in Texas while still providing some good gardening podcast content for everyone out there who is listening while they garden, dream about gardening, or you know, commute to work!

The flood links I talked about in the podcast are here:

+The Adventure I Wasn’t Planning On
+The Garden Before The Flood
+500 Year Flood
+Flood Video

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Music: Adam Selzer “True North”


Ep. 1-13: The Wonder of Beginning | Mandy Steward

It was the fall of 2010 and I was fresh off the Appalachian Trail with my husband and came across Mandy Steward via a mutual friend. I was itching to reinvigorate my creativity after many months of hiking and here was this artist whose words spoke to me. I’ve been a fan of her work ever since! Mandy is an artist and author based out of Oklahoma but she’s also a very fresh gardener! One of the goals of producing this podcast was to eventually showcase gardeners from all skill levels and it was incredibly fun to chat with her about all of the wonder that being a beginner in anything can bring! There was so much within our conversation that I connected to and it was a gentle reminder to myself that no matter how many years we’ve been gardening there’s always something new to learn every year!

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Music: Adam Selzer ‘True North’

Show Notes

You can find Mandy here:
Messy Canvas
Mandy’s Instagram
Mandy’s Twitter

A few things we talked about….
+USDA Plant Zones
+Sunset Climate Zones
+Pink Evening Primrose
+Grape hyacinths
+Indian blanket
+Sweet Potato Vine
+Ruth Page’s Gardening Journal


Ep. 1-12: Starting from Scratch | NorCalKatie

When I finally joined Twitter in mid-2011 it took me awhile to get the hang of it, finding people to chat with. What I eventually discovered was a rich gardening community that I connected with. Katie was one of those people that I found and over the years we’ve chatted about gardening and other random life topics via Twitter, email, and our blogs. When my gardening collaborative blog was in its hey-day, Katie showed off her garden on our 2013 Summer Garden Tour feature. Since then she’s moved a few more times and is now starting over garden-wise (and in other ways), once again, at a brand new place in Northern California.

Katie is very enthusiastic about gardening and I had a very fun conversation with her! When she told me she talked fast I thought, ‘nah’! But yes, she’s got a rapid fire pace that keeps you on your toes! Show notes are below!

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Music: Adam Selzer ‘True North’

Show Notes:
Find Katie here:
+Twitter: @norcalkatie
+Her Blog: NorCalKatie.com

+California’s Central Valley
+Sunset Magazine
+Oakes Daylilies
+UC Davis/USDA National Clonal Germplasm Repository
+Dave Wilson Nurseries
+Loquat tree
+Sheet mulching
+Straw bale gardening


Ep. 1-11: Landscaping Outside the Box | Leanne Tarleton

Howdy! In this episode I spoke with a local gardener here in Houston! I’ve been wanting to reach out to some local folks to get their take on gardening in coastal Texas where things can get hot and humid for months at a time. Leanne Tarleton gardens in The Woodlands township, a unique community that has worked to preserve some of the woodlands that the town absorbed but is also dictated by homeowners association type rules. Leanne has found a way to create a unique landscape that is both interesting visually but also works well for pollinators and wildlife. There is a way to garden ‘outside the box’ when given a set of rules to go by and Leanne is doing it well! We talked everything from starting her garden from what the landscapers had installed to the burgeoning Houston food scene!

You can find Leanne here: Digging The Woodlands to follow her beautiful feed!

Music: Adam Selzer ‘Front Porch’

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Show Notes:
A few of the items mentioned…
The Woodlands Township
Live Oak trees
DD Blanchard magnolia
Mystic spires salvia
Cuban gold Duranta
Russian sage
Bottlebrush tree
Cherry laurel
Republic of Texas orange
Armadillos in the garden
Urban Harvest Farmers Market
Woodlands Farmers Market
The Barry Farm
Imperial Farmers Market: Sugarland
Law Ranch
Maggies Garden Tx
Grey Tabby Gardens
The Arbor Gate


Ep. 1-10: Spring Garden Update | April 2016

It’s spring! I sat down with my husband Chris to do another garden round up. We last talked together was for Episode 3 where we did a similar round up for our plans heading into spring.

Our conversation started with bats (with a banshee cat in the background) and wrapped up on a discussion about the beehive. In between all of that we covered fruit trees, vegetable gardening, the flower garden, and Texas wildflowers!

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Music: Adam Selzer ‘True North’

Show Notes:

+ Bat Conservation International
+ John’s Recipe from Lady Bug Natural’s.
+ Asclepias tuberosa and swamp milkweed
+ Giant Swallowtail Caterpillar on our citrus
+ Oregon Sugarpod II & Sugar Snap peas from Botanical Interests. The first is what Chris mentioned as having produced extremely well for us.


Ep. 1-9: Becoming a Naturalist | Erin Gettler

In today’s episode I talk to naturalist, artist, gardener, and soon-to-be author, Erin Gettler. Erin is based out of Long Island and writes at The Familiar Wilderness when she’s not having a big year in projects, like she had in 2015! We talked about a variety of topics, ranging from her naturalist beginnings, being a birder, exploring local parks, and incorporating all of these things as she mentors and works with others at a school garden.

There was so much to talk about that I forgot to even bring up her super-awesome monarch sighting a few years ago! I will definitely have Erin on in the future to not only talk about this experience but of course to talk about her forthcoming book! She briefly mentions what she’s working on at the end of the podcast and I am definitely looking forward to supporting a fellow naturalist and artist in her endeavor.

Where you can find Erin:
+The Familiar Wilderness
+Bird Seed Field Guide
+The Familiar Wilderness Tiny Letter—>this is her monthly newsletter!
+@familiarwldrnss on Twitter

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Music: Adam Selzer ‘True North’

Show Notes:
+The Long Island Project
+John Heinz NWR
+The passenger pigeon and Carolina parakeet
+Tomato Hornworm

+Second Nature: A Gardeners Education by Michael Pollan
+The Warbler Guide
+Lab Girl by Hope Jahren
+Baby Birds: An Artist Looks Into The Nest by Julie Zickefoose
+Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide
+The Forest Unseen by DG Haskell

People and Other Sites
+Doug Tallamy
+Julie Zickefoose
+Bird and Moon
+Your Wild City

Twitter Personalities (Notes from Erin)
@annewhilborn (Ph.D. student studying cheetahs on the Serengeti, tweets photos and research all the time)
@RosemaryMosco (creator of Bird and Moon and Your Wild City)
@alongsidewild (reptile researcher who tweets about snakes!)
@EdYong209 and @helenjmacdonald (two fantastic writers, science and natural history. I follow them so I never miss their articles!)


Ep. 1-7: At Home on the Prairie| Elizabeth

This podcast was a fun one to do and I’m willing to bet Elizabeth will be on the show again in the future. Elizabeth and I are second cousins but up until 2008 or 2009 we didn’t know each other existed. Maybe in some kind of out there way, but our mother’s had been out of contact for almost 30 years. As fate would have it, we had similar interests and genealogy was one of them. Elizabeth stumbled across an ancient forum post of mine from 2002-2004 where I had posted about one of our mutual relatives, wanting to find more information about him. She replied to my post and an email was sent to me and from there we’ve been in contact ever since.

Gardening is another one of the many interests we share and I wanted to have her on to talk about her own garden in Norman, Oklahoma as well as to talk a little bit about gardening heritage. We also touch a bit on the landscape of Oklahoma and how the prairies and central plains states are often overlooked in regards to being a beautiful habitat to enjoy.

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Music: Adam Selzer ‘True North’

Where you can find Elizabeth:
+ Elizabeth’s Website
+ Pickled Okra Podcast
+ Picture Shows and Petticoats Podcast
+ Follow Elizabeth on Twitter


Ep. 1-6: Communicating Ecology through Art| Leigh Martin

I’m so excited to share this interview with y’all! Leigh and I were able to rerecord the podcast we attempted a few weeks ago and I’m so glad we did! Leigh is an Urban Forester by profession but a passionate knitter who works to communicate her love for the natural world through her craft. She creates fabulous knitted installations that she exhibits around her home state of Oklahoma. In this podcast we touch a bit on her job as an Urban Forester, her passion for trees, and dive a little bit into how she works to communicate nature to others via her chosen medium of fiber arts. We also talked a bit about her personal garden, bee keeping, and indoor plants.

You can visit Leigh’s website here: Leigh Martin Art.

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Show Notes:
+ Leigh’s fantastic installations!
+ Leigh’s Living Wall
+ Kentucky coffee tree via the University of Kentucky.
+ Osage orange via Great Plains Nature Center and Osage Orange via In Defense of Plants.
+ Texas mountain laurel
+ Top Bar & Langstroth Bee Hives
+Witches’ Broom


Ep. 1-5: Adjusting Gardening Expectations & What’s Growing in January

So. I had a big fail this week! I sat down and recorded a podcast with my internet friend Leigh. Unfortunately I had issues getting both sides of the conversation to record! I thought about trying to make it work but in the end Leigh and I both decided it would be better to just rerecord at a later date!

Today I’m talking a little bit about adjusting expectations when faced with a life event, whether it’s a new baby, illness, or something such a moving. It’s always a little difficult to not feel as if you can keep up with your old ways when faced with life changes and it can certainly get the best of us. I also talked about what was growing in both the vegetable and flower garden here in mid-January in southeast Texas. We’ve had a very mild winter so far but are keeping a wary eye on February’s usual wrath!

I hope I didn’t get too rambly for y’all!

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Some of the things I mentioned in the podcast (links aren’t paid or to anyone in particular!):
Extra Dwarf Pak Choy
Sophora secundiflora, Texas mountain laurel
Cassia corymbosa
Mexican flame vine
Red Russian Kale
2014 Houston Ice Storm


Ep. 1-4: Suburban Gardening with Curtis

Over the New Year’s weekend I sat down with my brother, Curtis, to talk about his garden for a little while. He gardens in zone 8a/b in the DFW area of Texas near where we grew up. He’s got a typical suburban lot but has done a lot of great things with it! We covered quite a bit in 30 short minutes: chickens, composting, vegetable gardening, growing wheat, flower gardening, and a smattering of other goodies!

The audio quality should be better this go around as I got a new microphone for Christmas. However, you can still hear kiddos in the background at times—that’s the perils of podcasting with little ones, even if the door is shut! Show notes are below!