Ep. 3-11 : Good Garden Reads

I love reading and gardening books are one of my favorite non-fiction genres to read! In this episode I talk about the garden/garden adjacent books I read this year and I hope you share books you read!

Music: “New Day” by Lee Rosevere

All links go to the author’s website.
Books Mentioned:

  1. Second Nature by Michael Pollan
    +Weeds Are Us

  2. This Life is In Your Hands: One Dream, Sixty Acres, and a Family Undone by Melissa Coleman
  3. Bird Watcher’s Digest Butterflies Backyard Guide: Identify, Watch, Attract, Nature, Save by Erin Gettler
    +Erin’s podcast episode

  4. Epic Tomatoes: How to Select and Grow the Best Varieties of All Time by Craig Lehoullier
    +Media listing for Craig Lehoullier

  5. Grow Curious by Gayla Trail
    +Gayla’s What’cha Growin’? Podcast

  6. Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway
  7. The Humane Gardener: Nurturing a Backyard Habitat for Wildlife by Nancy Lawson
    +Nancy’s podcast episode

  8. Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens by Doug Tallamy
    +Dr. Tallamy on the Native Plant Podcast
    +Dr. Tallamy on the Joe Gardener Podcast
    +Dr. Tallamy on the Timber Press Podcast

  9. A New Garden Ethic: Cultivating Defiant Compassion for an Uncertain Future by Benjamin Vogt

One thought on “Ep. 3-11 : Good Garden Reads

  1. […] our gardens should be serving and added it to my list of books to read for 2017. If you listened to Episode 3-11, I talked about all of the gardening books I read last year and his was one of them. My odyssey in […]

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