Ep. 2-10: Unconventional Edibles & Whole Harvest Cooking | Linda Ly

Golden beets and Chioggia beets from this morning's harvest. These beauties are going to turn into pickles!

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I came across Linda’s blog five or six years ago when I was searching to find out if carrot tops were edible. When I came across her beautiful blog I was hooked from then on, and watched as she evolved from gardener to cookbook author. In addition to all of this, Linda is an avid outdoor enthusiast and goes to some pretty epic places in her region of the country with her husband and daughter. It was awesome to have Linda on the podcast to discuss her garden (she’s only been gardening 7 years, which meant she was relatively new to gardening when I first found her blog!) and to find out more about her cookbooks, The CSA Cookbook and The New Camp Cookbook. We had a great conversation and I think you will enjoy learning about her garden as well as hearing about some interesting edibles that you might not have thought about growing. Some day I will have to sit down with her to talk more about her epic outdoor adventures!

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Show Notes:
+Linda’s website: Garden Betty
+Linda’s Instagram: @gardenbetty
+You Can Eat That??—all of her posts about parts of edible plants you may not have been aware are edible.
+Makings of a Book—fun behind the scenes posts about putting her books together. Very insightful!


Ep. 2-9: Backyard Butterflies | Erin Gettler


When I had Erin on last year for Episode 1-9 she was in the end phase of finishing her first book. That book was Butterflies: Backyard Guide which has recently been published. I knew during our last conversation that I wanted to have Erin back on the podcast to talk not only about putting the book together but also about butterflies as she is an extremely knowledable enthusiast about butterflies and moths. That enthusiasum shows through in our conversation and I think you will catch the butterfly bug to get out and learn more about the species in your part of the country or world.

You can follow Erin at her blog The Familiar Wilderness and the Bird Seed Field Guide and on Instagram.

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Ep. 2-8: Perennial Edibles And The Garden As Art | Renee Garner

Perennial onions about to take over! Egyptian walking, potato onions, multipliers, and l'itoi

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Today’s guest is Renee Garner an artist based out of North Carolina. We ‘met’ online at least a decade ago on Gayla Trail’s You Grow Girl forums, when those were still around. Over the years we’ve exchanged emails, I’ve bought several pieces of her art work, and we’ve seen the addition of children to our gardens! Our conversation was shorter than I would have liked due to circumstances on both of our ends and I didn’t get to cover everything I wanted to ask her about her garden and gardening methods. She recently rented goats to clear some areas of her yard to expand a garden and that was a topic I didn’t get a chance to delve into that! If you are interested in permaculture and growing perennial edibles, this episode is for you! You can visit Renee on her blog or follow her gardening and home renovations on her Instagram account.

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Music: ‘Going Home’ by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes:
+Bokashi composting
+Making your own walnut ink
+Permaculture design course
+DIY Seed Bombs
+Homemade Elderberry Syrup


Ep. 2-7: A Grassy Obsession | John Markowski

If you have been reading garden blogs for any length of time you’ve probably come across John Markowski’s The Obsessive Neurotic Gardener. John is gardener based out of rural New Jersey and has designed his gardens over the years to focus on ornamental grasses and native plants. We began the chat discussing his garden’s evolution and how he came to become a passionate ornamental grass enthusiast and how he is now channeling that passion into a book! We also talked about his involvement with a pipeline project that has directly affected his property and how you can be an advocate for yourself should something similar happen to you.

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Music: ‘Going Home’ by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes:
+John’s Instagram
+I love Flowers, and I’m a Dude: John’s Medium post about being a male who enjoys flowers, something that is kind of considered outside of the norm in some circles.
+Piet Oudolf
+James Golden
+Panicum grasses
+Joe Pye Weed
+John’s post about Baptisia
+PennEast Pipeline
+John’s first post about the pipeline.


Ep. 2-6: Urban Backyard Edible Gardening | Kara Bova

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Today’s guest is an urban backyard gardener who focuses on growing edibles for her family. Kara Bova is based out of North Texas and gardens in zone 8a and documents her garden at Nourishing Pursuits. In that space she also writes educational garden blogs designed to help new gardeners as well as interviews gardeners from various walks and stages of garden life. It was through one of her guests, Lisa Coffee, that I came across Kara and her blog. Ever searching for Texas gardeners, I’m so glad I was able to connect with yet another!

You can also follow Kara on Instagram at @nourishingpursuits or via her her Facebook group.

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Music: ‘Going Home’ by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes:
+Kara’s Meet the Grower Series
+Tulle as a Row Cover
+Growing Peanuts


Ep. 2-5: Adapting Where You’re Planted | Nicole Poole

This week’s episode is another gardener from the Houston area who has roots in northeast Louisiana. Nicole Poole began gardening and growing food on a small farm in Louisiana using the Mittleider Method before life plans changed and she moved to South Korea with her family. In South Korea she explored the region when she could, learning about the culture and food ways there. Eventually she and her family moved to Dubai where she returned to gardening once again, this time with a challenge of extreme heat and lack of water, among other challenges. After the hurdles of Dubai, she returned to Houston and now gardens in a typical suburban lot where she is working to grow more edibles and create a pollinator friendly yard. You can follow Nicole on her Instagram page where she updates frequently about her garden and life in the Houston area.

*Note about the audio*: As you will hear, about ten minutes into the episode I had some issues with the recording between Skype and my microphone which resulted in some beeps, buzzes, and clicks. I edited the audio second by second—literally!—to remove as much of them as I could but I’m not perfect and some of the noise is still there. However, it is now a much more listenable audio than the original. Please stick with it, the episode is still a great listen!

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Show Notes:
+The Garden Path Podcast has a new You Tube channel—Come Subscribe!


Ep. 2-4: Gardening Year in Review | Curtis Whitlock

I had my brother on the podcast last January for Episode 1-4 and it was a delight to have him back on the podcast for the second season of the show. He’s a gardener based out of Fort Worth, Texas where he grows a lot of edible crops and raises chickens in his suburban backyard. We cover a lot of different things in this episode but touch on the highs and lows of the gardening year as well as things we’ve abandoned growing. You can find him on Instagram at @backyardramblings, Twitter at @cwhitlock83 and on YouTube here.

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Ep. 2-3: Building a Bat House | Chris Little

Today’s guest is my husband Chris who I had on to discuss the bat house he built for our backyard over the course of this last summer. It’s huge—well, at least for a backyard! In this episode he talks about his reasons for building the bat box, methods, and some of the complications he had along the way!






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Show Notes:
Bat Conservation International
Habitat For Bats
The Bat House Bulider’s Handbook by Merlin Tuttle
America’s Neighborhood Bats by Merlin Tuttle


Ep. 2-2: Local Food, Farmers Markets, and Simple Living | Lisa Valinsky

A few years ago I came across Lisa’s blog and was intrigued by her writing about life in New England, from the gorgeous farmers markets she visited, the the wonderful places she was often hiking. Over time we made a connection and have become internet friends and after seeing Lisa post about getting a garden plot at a community garden this summer I knew that she would be an excellent guest on the podcast. We talked about her background working on local farms and farmstands as well as managing farmers markets in New York City, to managing expectations in balancing life with a baby and attempting to grow a little bit of her own food during this past summer. You can follow Lisa’s writings here and see her beautiful Instagram feed here. Lisa also has a weekly newsletter that I highly recommend subscribing to for interesting tidbits and thoughts she has to share each week.

Music: Lee Rosevere ‘Going Home’

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Ep. 2-1: Planning + Using Your Harvest | Julie Rorrer with Gardenkeepr

Earlier this year I came across Julie’s Instagram feed where she posts as Gardenkeepr, her garden planner business. I was intrigued but not quite ready to bit the bullet with garden planners—I’ve been burned in the past. Recently she updated her planners for 2017 which included a downloadable PDF version in addition to a digital version which she sells on her website Gardenkeepr. The PDF version worked perfectly for me, allowing me to print on demand and add additional pages as needed. Julie sent me a sample of the digital version for those more inclined to keep up with their gardens on their computer and I must say, I am impressed.

Julie and I chatted about her experiences gardening in both Texas and in the northeast of the US, becoming a master gardener, and how she began developing the planner for herself and how it has rapidly expanded from selling to only friends and family to now other gardeners throughout the country. You can find the print, PDF, and digital versions of the planner at Gardenkeepr.com and Julie on Instagram at @gardenkeepr.

Music: Lee Rosevere ‘Going Home’

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