Ep. 4-7: A Passion for Peppers | Kearley Seed and Pepper Co.

Music: Going Home by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:
+Kearley Seed and Pepper Co. Website
+@kpsco_ on Instagram
+Kearley Seeds and Pepper Co on Facebook
+Certified Naturally Grown
+Houston Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival Article


Ep. 4-6: Nurturing an Urban Gardening Community and Business | Timothy Hammond

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Farm Friday 👨🏾‍🌾 On Friday I’m going to be giving an update on what’s going on at the Big City Gardener farm space. Planted 6 rows: 2 cilantro, 2 arugula , and 2 mesclun greens. Still have a lot of work to do and rows to plant. Need to cut the grass and clean out the walkways. ___________________________________________________ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #FarmFriday #EdibleLandscaping #EdibleLandscape #Permaculture #SustainableLandscaping #FullBloom #SustainableGardening #MasterGardener #Houston #GardenCoach #Zone9A #TheHappyGardeningLife #UrbanFarm #UrbanFarmer #UrbanGardening #UrbanGarden #EpicGardening #GrowForIt #EatOrganic #SlowFoodMovement #BackyardFarmer #PesticideFree #CityFarm #GrowingFood #SustainableSprout #CityGarden #FallGarden #OrganicGarden #GardenGram #EatWhatYouGrow

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Music: Going Home by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:
+Big City Gardener: Timothy’s website
+@bigcitygardener on Instagram


Ep. 4-5: Nerding Out on Gardening | Christy Wilhelmi & Gardenerd

Music: Going Home by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:
+Gardenerd.com & Gardenerd Podcast
+@gardenerd1 on Instagram
+Gardenerd on Facebook
+Christy’s Patreon
+Christy’s YouTube
+Episode 19: Christy Wilhelmi on the Root Simple podcast
+Ep. 105: Gardenerd’s Tips for Organic Gardening Success on the Root Simple podcast
+Episode 119: A Chat with Gardenerd on the Root Simple podcast
+The National Heirloom Expo
Christy’s Books:
+Gardening for Geeks
+400 Tips for Organic Gardening Success


Ep. 4-4: Permaculture, Natural History, & the Urban Garden | Katelyn Reeves

Music: Going Home by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes
+@vinegar_fairy on Instagram
+Berry Bee Urban Farm on Facebook
+Texas Master Naturalists
+Tandy Hills Natural Area


Ep. 4-3: Wildflowers of Texas | Michael Eason

Zinnia grandiflora

Asclepias asperula

Stretpanthus culteri

Stenandrium and Physaria

All photos above courtesy of Michael Eason. Photo cover from Timber Press.

In the spring I previewed and then bought the newly published Wildflowers of Texas field guide which has turned out to be the book I’ve always wanted but had been missing from my field guide collection. I knew after I read the book that I wanted to talk to the author, Michael Eason. Luckily, it worked out that Michael was available to talk about researching and writing this book, botany, and searching for rare and unusual plants in Texas. Even if you aren’t in Texas you will find the conversation enlightening and will hopefully take away a desire to know more about the wildflowers in your region.

Music: Going Home by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes
+Wildflowers of Texas on Amazon
+Michael’s Bio via Workman Publishing
+In a New Guide, Alpine Botanist Captures the Glories of Texas Wildflowers via Marfa Public Radio
+West Texas Talk:
Conservation Botanist Michael Eason
via Marfa Public Radio
+The Elusive Dogtooth Violet via Texas Highways magazine
+Web Extra: Millennium Seed Bank via Texas Highways magazine
+Saving Texas Landscapes via the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center regarding the Millenium Seed Bank


Ep. 4-2: Gardening, Cooking, & Slow Living in Nova Scotia | Sherrie Graham & Nova Scotia Kitchens

Music: Going Home by Lee Rosevere

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*Note: in the episode I mention Margaret Roach’s garden as being in zone 6—I was mistaken, she is in 5b! My apologies!*

Show Notes
+Nova Scotia Kitchens Podcast Website–be sure to flip through her beautiful show notes!
+@grahamsherrie on Instagram–her personal Instagram page
+@NovaScotiaKitchens on Instagram–the podcast’s Instagram page
+Nova Scotia Kitchens on Facebook
+Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens cookbook on Amazon—a bit of the inspiration for Sherrie’s podcast
+The Weekend Gardener Radio Show with Nicki Jabbour–Sherrie’s episode is the August 5, 2018 episode.
+Nova Scotia Kitchens offers tasty recipes, blog and podcast via the Yarmouth County Vanguard
+The Wellington Farm–Sherrie’s website


Ep. 4-1: Summer In My Mom’s Garden and Welcome to Season 4


Music: Going Home by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes
+Ep. 1-2: A Conversation with my Mom
+Amish Friendship Bread
+Mark Bittman’s No Knead Bread recipe
+Variegated Ajugas: Ajuga ‘Sparkler’ & Ajuga ‘Pink Lightning’
+The New Shade Garden by Ken Druse


Summer Garden Chat with Julie Rorrer

Music: Going Home by Lee Rosevere

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Previous episodes with Julie:
Episode 2-1
Episode 3-4


Summer 2018 Flower Garden Tour

Music: Going Home by Lee Rosevere

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Video version:


Ep. 3-23: Season 3 Conclusion and Season 4 Brainstorming

Hello! Thank you for making this season successful! It was my biggest season yet and I hope to make Season 4 even bigger! If you could take a few minutes out of your day to fill out a quick survey here about the podcast season, I would greatly appreciate it! It will give me a bit of an idea about who you are as a listener and what you liked this season! It takes just a couple of minutes and would help me out a lot! Thank you!

Don’t forget you can sign up for the podcast newsletter here!

Season 3 Episodes in case you missed one!

Season 1 Episodes & Season 2 Episodes

And for some Show Notes:

Workman’s Friend: You can find it at Lowe’s and Amazon. If you purchase off of Amazon use the code GDPATH10 through the end of May 2018. If you’d like to try a sample send me an email with your address and I can send you a sample! My email is over —> on the side bar!

What do lotus leaves and Chinese acrobats have do with my job? The later is a good analogy for the former when talking about the newest product! Did you know the surface of lotus leaves are self-cleaning? Water beads up and rolls off them, washing away any dirt, dust, or debris. How do they do this? Their surface is covered with microscopic acrobats! Okay, not really. What their surface has is millions of tiny bumps that are just the right size to keep "kicking" water off itself, kind of like an acrobat keeping a barrel spinning with their legs. Got it? Okay, now imagine applying similar bumps to your skin but not only are the bumps just right for kicking away water, they're made of a material that does the same for chemical such as paint, gas, grease, dyes, glues, corrosives…and plant irritants! Well, that's what "Workman's Friend Barrier Skin Cream" does! It temporarily binds such bumps to the dead cells at the surface of your skin, creating an impenetrable, invisible, non-greasy, unnoticeable layer of protection! I love biomimicry! You can buy it from Amazon here: https://goo.gl/pzPnke . #merriwetherchemist #realjob #scientist #chemistry #lotus #biomimicry #lasts4hours #protection #nature_perfection #superpower #nopoisonivy #workmansfriend #inmybag

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Journey North
Monarch Email Listserv

The Plant Messiah by Carlos Magdelena
Wildflowers of Texas by Michael Eason
The Garden in Every Sense and Season by Tovah Martin
The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables by Catherine Reid

My Blog: Oceanic Wilderness

Instagram: @thegardenpathpodcast

Music: New Day by Lee Rosevere

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