Ep. 3-7: Fall Edible Garden Tour


This is the first in a series of solo episodes for late fall/early winter. Back in October I recorded an audio tour of the the edible garden! I think you will enjoy this episode—there’s a chorus of crows to add some ambiance throughout the show!

All of the plants I mentioned are in the show notes. Links aren’t to any particular vendor, ie: not sponsored.

Music: “New Day” by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:
+Seminole Pumpkin
+Freezer Pumpkin Butter
+Mary Washington asparagus
+Brunswick Cabbage
+Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
+Rosette tatsoi
+How to Make Ginger Bug
+Tonda di Parigi Carrots
+Parris Island Cos Lettuce
+Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
+Fordhook Giant Chard
+Perpetual Spinach
+Easter Egg Lettuce
+French Breakfast Radish
+Nero di Toscana Kale


Ep. 3-6: Bromeliads | Joanne Woolsey & Jimbo’s Nursery


Today’s guest is Joanne Woolsey of Jimbo’s Nursery here in Greater Houston. As you will hear in the episode, Jimbo’s is specialty nursery focusing primarily on a variety of bromeliads as well as other tropicals, including succulents. This kind of nursery is very unique for the area! My first visit to Jimbo’s was back in August after a trip down to Galveston for the afternoon. We detoured off the beaten path to Jimbo’s on our way home to scope out what plants they had to offer. My husband, Chris, had been to the nursery once or twice before but I’d never had the opportunity to visit. It reminded us so much of the nurseries we would find in south Florida, the small, narrowly focused plant growers that would be tucked away off side streets, sometimes in people’s backyards!

After my visit I connected with Jimbo’s on Instagram and Joanne reached out to come on the podcast to talk a little bit about the nursery and some of the plants they offer. If you are in the Houston area this nursery is one to put on your list of must visit places!

Just a heads up: I had some problems with audio on my end for the first six or so minutes but it clears up after that! My apologies for weirdness!

Music: “New Day” by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:
+Jimbo’s Nursery on Instagram
+Houston Bromeliad Society
A few of the tillandsias mentioned:
+Tillandsia ionantha
+Tillandsia stricta
+Tillandsia bulbosa
+Tillandsia funckiana

A few more photos from my visit to the nursery:








Ep. 3-5: Humane Gardening | Nancy Lawson

Are you interested in taking your garden to the next level? To branch out, learn a little more about how to take your gardening for wildlife further? Then this podcast is for you! Honestly, it’s for everyone—all gardeners of every skill level. As you will hear in the episode, I came across Nancy’s book The Humane Gardener over the summer when it kept popping up in my recommendations for my library’s digital lending service and once I clicked on it and downloaded it to read, I was instantly hooked! It was everything I had been pondering about and more this summer when it came to rethinking and challenging my own beliefs about what wildlife gardening meant.

Nancy and I had a fascinating conversation about humane gardening, cultivating a different ethic around wildlife in our yards and gardens, as well as working to challenge and change the beliefs we’ve all been taught. It’s something I’m still working on and, of course, isn’t something that changes over night. You’ll hear some interesting tidbits about landscape design regarding wildlife I hadn’t thought about, and that’s why this conversation is so good—you probably haven’t thought about these either!

We could have chatted for much longer than we did and I hope to have Nancy back on at a later date to explore this subject deeper. You’ll hear some blips in the podcast I tried to edit out. I usually have really good connection with Google Hangouts On Air but whoa did we have some problems this go around! It’s Skype that usually gives me grief!

Be sure to check out Nancy’s website for more ways to think outside the box when it comes to landscaping for wildlife and definitely read her book! Pair it with Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy and A New Garden Ethic by Benjamin Vogt!

Music: “New Day” by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:
+The Humane Gardener Website
+Upcoming Events and Talks with Nancy
+The Humane Gardener book on Amazon
+Buzz Pollination
+Nancy on the Food For Thought podcast with Colleen Patrick Goudreau
+Nancy on The Urban Farm podcast


Ep. 3-4: A Good Garden Conversation | Julie Rorrer

We ventured out of the garden recently, because it’s September which is when all the prickly pears (tunas) are ripe, and came back with 220 pounds of prickly pears. We peeled them (which takes a long long time as you try to avoid getting any glochids in your hands), juiced them, strained them, strained them a couple more times, cooked them, and then ended up canning a little over 8 dozen jars of prickly pear syrup. * * * The one question we get most is…What do you do with prickly pear syrup? There’s so many delicious ways to use it, but we frequently use it in our beverages. Here’s 5 of our favorite drinks to make with prickly pear syrup in case you ever find yourself with a jar 😋: • • 1. make a frozen margarita (use the good tequila) and pour over the top and serve 2. make a frozen limeade and pour on top and serve (similar to above, but kid friendly) 3. squeeze a glass full of texas grapefruit and add a dash on top 4. add a little to a bottle of Topo Chico 5. make a prickly pear smoothie • • Also, don't forget to drink the juice plain (before making the syrup), it's delicious!

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I first had Julie on the show last year in Episode 2-1. I had known her about six months or so and was intrigued by her garden planner business as well as her garden outside of Austin. Since then, Julie and I have become internet garden friends, exchanging emails and pleasantries via Instagram. I’m constantly intrigued by her foraging efforts and everything she does in her garden! Fast forward to this summer and I invited Julie to come back on the podcast to talk about biodynamic gardening. A series of problems with scheduling and then problems with getting our call to work and record, well, we didn’t get a chance to sit down and talk until recently. All of that worked out for the best! We had a great chat, just talking about various aspects of our gardens—something you might do if you had a friend over to walk about the garden and hang out for the morning!

Don’t forget to submit your “Why” for gardening! See Ep 3-0 for more information! Feel free to drop me an email over there —> on the side bar or sign up for the newsletter above! And if you listen on iTunes or Stitcher, don’t forget to leave a rating and review over there to help the show reach more listeners! Thanks!

Music: “New Day” by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:
Gardenkeepr.com to stay up to date with Julie’s happenings!
Masanobu Fukuoka
Julie’s Prickly Pear Recipe
Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Control


Ep. 3-3: The Beginner’s Garden | Jill McSheehy

Earlier this year I was doing my monthly search for new gardening podcasts on iTunes when I was delighted to find Jill’s podcast The Beginner’s Garden. A relatively new gardener herself, Jill gets down to business on her podcast talking about the very basics of growing various edible plants. When Jill was just starting out as a gardener she found it difficult to find gardening how-to guides, and podcasts in particular, that were easy to understand and could take a complete newbie through their first season of gardening.

My conversation with Jill included a discussion about her first year of gardening, the failures and triumphs, as well as a little bit about her region of the south—Arkansas. We also chatted about future goals for her garden and her continued intent to create a podcast for beginning gardeners even as she evolves and grows as a gardener. There’s so much to know about gardening that even many who have gardened for years still have something to learn!

Music: “New Day” & “Early Morning Song Finch Duet” by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:
The Beginner’s Garden Podcast
Jill’s Garden Blog
Jill’s YouTube Channel
@thebeginnersgarden on Instagram
Journey with Jill in the Garden Facebook page
Back to Eden gardening method
Back to Eden movie

Episode 3-0—Send me your “Why” for gardening! You can send me a short video instead of an audio clip if you have trouble figuring that out, to thegardenpathpodcast at gmail dot com!


Ep. 3-2: Gardening Through the Lens of an Extension Agent | Lee Rouse

Exciting to see more and more natives used in the landscape! Rudbeckia 'Black Eyed Susan'

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Today’s episode is a unique one in which I discuss gardening and horticulture through the lens of an extension agent. Lee Rouse is a gardener, horticulturist, and extension agent with the Louisiana State University Ag Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We had a fascinating conversation discussing Lee’s gardening background, his work in the nursery trade, as well as how he became an extension agent. We also touched on dealing with flood damaged gardens, common garden questions and mistakes he sees, as well as what he’d like to see and do in his career as an extension agent.

I hope you enjoy this unique conversation with Lee! Check out the show notes for more information on where to find Lee and a few of the things we talked about!

Music: “New Day” by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes
+Lee’s Edible New Orleans Articles
+@rouses_horticulture on Instagram
+Bayou Garden NPR Podcast
+What is Agricultural Extension?
+Plant Tissue Culture


Ep. 3-1: Gardening Resources

Welcome back for a third season of the podcast! I’m excited to have another season of this podcast to share with y’all! This episode talks about how you can support the podcast (via rating and reviewing the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcatcher!), how you can subscribe to the podcast newsletter, foraging safety, and I talk about a variety of gardening resources that you may or may not have heard of. Feel free to let me know of any resources you use in the comments below!

Music: “New Day” & “Early Morning Song Finch Duet” by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:

Vlogger accidentally poisons herself during live stream.

Web Tools
NRCS/USDA Web Soil Survey
USFWS Wetlands Mapper

Plant Resources
USDA Plants Database
Lady Bird Johnson Wildlife Center Native Plant Database
Missouri Botanic Garden Plant Finder
Institute for Regional Conservation: Floristic Inventory of the Keys and South Florida, Natives for Your Neighborhood.
Plants of the Northeastern US
The Biota of North America Program
Texas Invasives
Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Urban Harvest
USDA Plant Hardiness Zones

Extension Agencies
Texas A&M Agrilife Extension
University of Florida/IFAS Extension
LSU Ag Center
List of Extension Universities
What is the Cooperative Extension?
About Land Grant Universities

Plant Societies
American Horticultural Society’s list of Societies, Clubs, and Organizations

Field Guides
There are a plethora of field guides for states and regions—check Amazon or your favorite bookstore!
Discover Life Butterfly Key
Discover Life Caterpillar Key

Local radio shows
My favorite in Texas is Gardening Naturally with John Dromgoole based out of Austin, but you should be able to find someone locally in just about any decent sized city. If not you can always check them out online to listen!

Flickr & Instagram
Sonnia Hill
Keith Bradley
Jim Fowler
Eric Hunt
Alan Cressler
James Childress
Matt Buckingham
Badass Botanist
The Buckeye Botanist

You can also check out the Resources page for additional blogs and podcasts!


Ep. 3-0: Why Do You Garden & Season 3 Coming Soon

Hello there! Just a little note that the first episode of the third season of the podcast is going to air on October 4th. In the meantime I want listeners to help me with something.

I want to know why you garden. What I would like is for you to record a minute or two of that ‘why’ via a voice memo on your phone or another recording device and pop it into an email over to thegardenpathpodcast at gmail dot com. If you don’t have that capability you can also write up a short paragraph or two in an email and I will read it for you. In your audio/email be sure to tell me your name (or handle if you don’t want to share your name) and your region or zone that you garden. International gardeners are welcome to participate! I will then mix these into a podcast episode later in the season. Audio may be edited for clarity or time and I’ll let you know if that happens. I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Gardening!

Music: “New Day” by Lee Rosevere

Download Ep. 3-0

+Download Audacity here.
+Voice Memos on iPhone
+Voice Memos for Android


Ep. 2-14: Season 2 Finale | Garden Happenings & Podcast Brainstorming

It’s been a wonderful second season of the podcast! Thank you so much for listening and subscribing and especially a thanks to all of my podcast guests who really made this season! Those guests and their episodes are below:

Episode 2-1: Julie Rorrer
Episode 2-2: Lisa Valinsky
Episode 2-3: Chris Little
Episode 2-4: Curtis Whitlock
Episode 2-5: Nicole Poole
Episode 2-6: Kara Bova
Episode 2-7: John Markowski
Episode 2-8: Renee Garner
Episode 2-9: Erin Gettler
Episode 2-10: Linda Ly
Episode 2-11: Trey Watson
Episode 2-12: Elizabeth Johnson
Episode 2-13: Amy Stross

As I mentioned in the podcast, there were a few updates from some of the guests:

+Kara Bova of Nourishing Pursuits is expecting a little gardener!
+Lisa Valinsky is exploring her new city of Philadelphia!
+John Markowski published his book, Perennials through the Seasons.
+Linda Ly shared a video tour of her garden
+Curtis Whitlock has been sharing garden and hiking videos on YouTube.

As I mentioned in the episode here are some of the other podcasts you might be interested in listening to until I return for another season.

We Dig Plants
GardenFork Radio
Cultivating Place
Ken Druse Real Dirt
On the Ledge
Root Simple
The Native Plant Podcast
The Plant Report
All Things Plants
What’cha Growin’
A Way to Garden
Weekend Tea Break

Girl’s Guide to Modern Homesteading
Mother Earth News
ReWild Yourself
The Moon Podcast
Original Transplants
Homegrown Liberty
What the Farm?

The Beginner’s Garden
Encyclopedia Botanica

The Hungry Gardener
Studio Rustica
The Slow Home Podcast

The Field Guides
In Defense of Plants

Delicious Revolution
A Sustainable Mind
Garden Dine Love

Blogs to Follow
Ben Hewitt
Growing With Plants
You Grow Girl
66 Square Feet
Obsessive Neurotic Gardener
Beauty That Moves
Julie Zickefoose
NW Edible Life
Plano Prairie Garden
Root Simple

In the meantime, while I’m prepping for next season, you can continue to follow me on Instagram, over on YouTube or subscribe to the newsletter where I send out garden related dispatches once or twice a month!

Talk to y’all next season and hope you have a wonderful summer of gardening!

Download Ep. 2-14

Music: ‘Going Home’ by Lee Rosevere


Ep. 2-13: Micro Farming & Small Space Gardening | Amy Stross

Front Cover-2D_@300dpi

Back in 2013 and 2014 I spent a lot of time searching for gardening podcasts. During that time there weren’t too many general gardening podcasts around but there were several permaculture shows that I listened to. One day I came across one called the Tenth Acre Farm Podcast and listened intently to what the podcaster had to say. I soon clicked over and found that Amy and Vince had a blog as well, the Tenth Acre Farm site which detailed their suburban lot trasformation into an edible landscape via permaculture principles. I’ve kept base with their blog over the years and because I was intrigued by how they turned the property into a microfarm in the suburbs, I knew that the topic would be of interest to many listeners who don’t have a lot of land but want the reward of growing their own food.

Even if you aren’t in a suburban lot but are interested in permaculture, this episode will let you dip your toes into what permaculture is and how you can use it to work with the landscape you are currently living at. Amy has also recently published a book, The Suburban Micro-Farm: Modern Solutions for Busy People which she discusses utilizing permaculture principles to assist you in creating your own micro-farm.

Amy suggested several things that I’m going to have to incorporate into my own garden, and I will be watching as she transforms a new property, 3-acres!, into a permaculture landscape over the coming years.

Download Ep. 2-13

Music: ‘Going Home’ by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes:
+Amy’s Media Kit for the book—with a preview of the book inside!
+Tenth Acre Farm’s Start Here page
+Hobby Farms articles by Amy
+Twisted Creek Press
+Root Simple episode with Amy and Vince

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