Just Give Us Some Native Milkweed! Native Plants vs the Horticulture Industry

Asclepias obovata - Pineland milkweed - Gus Engeling WMA

This episode is more or less a recording of a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago regarding the stark divide in native plant media versus what is available for sale in the nursery industry. A summary of the issues…

The Issues at Hand

  • A diverse and locally native plant landscape for the home gardener is not easily within reach to the majority of home gardeners.
  • Nursery stock to create a diverse home landscape for gardeners on the scale touted by native plant enthusiasts doesn’t exist and is consistently unsupported by the horticulture industry.
  • Most homeowners will never delve into gardening, native or otherwise.
  • Gardeners should be intensely focusing on preserving large, existing tracts of undeveloped land within the suburban/urban/wildland interfaces to counteract the shortcomings of native plant home landscapes.

Show Notes:
+How can you grown native plants if there aren’t native plants to buy? – The original blog post I wrote a few weeks ago! If you aren’t able to listen to the podcast or want to go back and see more of what I said, head to my website to read more!


One thought on “Just Give Us Some Native Milkweed! Native Plants vs the Horticulture Industry

  1. David Cater says:

    You’re talking about capitalism vs. what we know is needed, namely native plants and a whole different paradigm for landscape gardening and ecological knowledge.
    But you’re doing the good work for building that world where people actually notice and know and are concerned by another 30 acres bulldozed. Thanks

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