About The Podcast


The podcast

In 2012 I started listening to podcasts on a semi-regular basis when the Cultivate Simple podcast debuted. Listening to Brian and Susy talk about gardening and homesteading on their new farm in Maine resonated with me. I branched out from there and began listening to all sorts of podcasts across a variety of subjects. However, as the years have gone on it seems as if gardening podcasts have slowly dropped by the wayside.

Having access to interesting gardening content via podcasts is something I am constantly craving and searching for. A few months ago (back in the fall of 2015) I pondered for a few moments the idea of starting a podcast but dismissed the idea. The idea came to me once again and having just started reading Big Magic, I decided not to push it aside. Elizabeth Gilbert posits that ideas can come to us and it is up to us to chose to grab ahold of that idea and see it through. Sometimes an idea might come to us and it isn’t quite the right time and thus we let it go so that it can be grabbed up by someone else. And sometimes the idea arrives at the right time and we grab hold and go along for the ride. This idea seemed like a great idea at the right time, despite all sorts of other things going on in my life as well as a complete lack of podcasting knowledge.

So here I am, grabbing this idea and going for it. I’m not sure where it will lead or how long I will last with this idea, but here we go!

The Gardener

I garden with my husband and young son on a 1.2 acre lot just outside of Houston, Texas. My gardening zone is 9A. My blog where I’ve written at in some form since 2002 is at Oceanic Wilderness and a collaborative gardening blog that I collaborate on and is currently dormant is Sprout Dispatch.

I’ve gardened in container gardens on the Space Coast of Florida as well as in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida prior to gardening here in Texas.