Ned Fritz’s Texas Environmental Legacy | Amy Martin

My guest today is Amy Martin, a writer and researcher from Dallas who is currently compiling a biography on Texas environmentalist Ned Fritz. Now, you may be asking, who the heck is Ned Fritz? And I was right there with you up until last spring when I read his book Realms of Beauty, about the Wilderness Areas of east Texas. His writing was witty and was so relevant to today that I was sad to see that Ned had passed away in 2008 after a half century or more of environmental activism in Texas, for places and things you may or may not have heard of. I heard Amy Martin give a talk to the Dallas Sierra Club back in January and knew I needed to interview her for the podcast. More people need to know about Ned Fritz and what he stood for, how much he fought to protect Texas land and water and why we need more Ned Fritz’ more than ever.

Show Notes:
+Ned Fritz Legacy Facebook Page
+Ned Fritz and the Texas Land Conservancy via Whole Earth Provision
+The Passion Behind Our Mission via Texas Land Conservancy
+Texas Legacy Project


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