Get Your Prairie On: Native Plant Garden Design with Benjamin Vogt

Way back in 2018 I had today’s guest on to talk about his book, A New Garden Ethic. Today Benjamin Vogt is back on the podcast to talk about his latest book, Prairie Up: An Introduction to Natural Garden Design. A lot has changed in the last five years in regard to native plants in gardening and I think Benjamin has driven some of that change. Prairie Up is the garden design book that many of us have been looking for. An approach for native plant enthusiasts that is both attainable and manageable, contrary to so many other beautiful garden design books out there. As you’ll hear me say in the interview, the book blew away my expectations and I think even the most experienced native plant gardener will be able to find something to take away from both the book and the conversation.

Show Notes:
+Buy the book!
+@monarchgardensbenjaminvogt on Instagram
+Everywhere you can find Benjamin’s work!


One thought on “Get Your Prairie On: Native Plant Garden Design with Benjamin Vogt

  1. Benson Marshall says:

    Thank you Misti! I’ve been lucky enough to hear Mr Vogt speak a couple of times over the last few years, but didn’t realize there was a new book. It will have to go on the short list!

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