Herbariums, Botanizing New Jersey, and Ecosystems as Backdrops | Bonnie Semmling

Happy 2023 everyone! Spring is trying to spring here but like every year in Texas we brace ourselves for a surprise freeze in February, so I’m not getting too antsy about the growing season yet. But almost!

Today’s episode is a fun one and a little bit different than how I normally conduct a podcast. I was feeling overwhelmed from some other projects and not in the mood for my usual interview style episodes and opted to be a bit more relaxed with this one with an Instagram friend, Bonnie Semmling. You may know her over there as @Bonntany and she always shares wonderful botanical finds from her home state of New Jersey and anywhere else she travels. I’ve learned a lot from her over the last couple of years and know I will be learning a lot from her in the coming years!

Bonnie works in an herbarium and it’s a subject I’m fascinated by and so we talk about that, how she got into botany as a career, and her recent travels to Texas. We got deep a few times on issues like plant blindness, conservation measures in both states and throughout the country…it’s a great conversation and I had fun chatting with Bonnie! Plus, I now have some plants to go look for!

Show Notes:
+@Bonntany on Instagram
+Bonnie’s Plant Pals Episode


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