Summer Encore: Urban Forestry and Communicating Ecology Through Art | Leigh Martin

I’m kicking off a Summer Encore Series from Seasons 1-3 with episodes you may not have heard or dug through the archives to listen to.

First off is an episode about Urban Forestry and Ecology with a knitting twist as I talk to Leigh Martin. It’s one of my first episodes and I was still working out kinks so you’ll get a few meows at the beginning from my cat Leo, too!

Download Leigh Martin

You can visit the original podcast episode here


Ep. 4-19: Season 4 Conclusion

Just a short episode signing off for the season! See you again in October 2019!

Download Ep. 4-19

All of Season 4s episodes are here


Ep. 4-18: Science and Conservation Communication Through Art | David Orr & Blue Aster Studio

Music: Going Home by Lee Rosevere

Download Ep. 4-18

Show Notes
+Blue Aster Studio
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+@anatotitan on Twitter

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