Introduction to Florida’s Carnivorous Plants | Kenny Coogan

We’re back in Florida today with my guest Kenny Coogan. Kenny is the author of the soon to be released book FLORIDA’S CARNIVOROUS PLANTS: UNDERSTANDING, IDENTIFYING, AND CULTIVATING THE STATE’S NATIVE SPECIES, Education Director of the International Carnivorous Plant Society, and also sells carnivorous plants at some of Florida’s various markets as well as occasionally online. Now, I have a fairly basic understanding of carnivorous plants and how they work but Kenny and his book take it to another level, bringing the knowledge straight to the beginning grower but also making it interesting enough for those who may already be growing or familiar with some of North America or Florida’s carnivorous plant species. While we talk about the book itself we branch out into other species that can be found worldwide as well as talk about the International Carnivorous Plant Society, the upcoming World Carnivorous Plant Day and it’s associated photo contest. There’s a lot packed into the episode and you’ll have to be sure to check out the show notes for the episode for a discount code on your pre-order of Kenny’s book as well as where to submit your own photos for the World Carnivorous plant day photo contest.

Music: Going Home by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes:
+World Carnivorous Plant Day Merch that helps with conservation efforts
+ICPS Photo Contest Details
+Get an Autographed Book from Kenny here!
+Coupon code is FLCP30 and expires May 31: Florida’s Carnivorous Plants via the Publisher’s website
+Critter Companions on Facebook & Critter Companions by Kenny Coogan on Instgram.


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