Quarantine Garden Chronicles | 1

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The End of the Path — For Now


Music: “Dusk” by Lee Rosevere

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It’s been a great 5 seasons of the podcast but I’m hitting pause on producing the podcast for the time being. I hope to be back in the future providing great podcasting content in some way! Until then you can find me at Oceanic Wilderness where I write about my adventures.


Ep. 5-7: Phoebes Birding – Birds, Nature, and Native Plants | Eliana Ardila Ardila


Music: “New Day” by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:
+Phoebes Birding
+@phoebesbirding on Instagram
+Phoebes Birding on Facebook
+@birdingbybus on Instagram
+Phoebe Snetsinger write-up via Audubon
+World’s Longest Migration Found–2X Longer Than Thought via National Geographic
+Birding By Bus on the ABA podcast
+Project PetSnip

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