Summer Encore: The Common Milkweed Nursery | Jennifer Kleinrichert & Steve Ross

One of my favorite episodes has been with the owners of The Common Milkweed Nursery, “a 3.5 acre nature preserve, wildlife haven, native plant farm, and land lab in North Central Ohio.” Jennifer and Steve are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to native plants of their region and getting a glimpse of that knowledge comes out in this episode! If you enjoy the wonder of what Mother Nature has to offer, this episode is for you!

climbing milkweed

Music: “New Day” by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:
Episode 3-14: Listen to the original episode or check out the show notes!


Summer Encore: Unconventional Edibles & Whole Harvest Cooking | Linda Ly

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Last week, I mentioned that our two-year search for a house to call our own in Central Oregon finally — finally! — has a happy ending (though the adventure is really just beginning). We closed on our dream property this month! It completely caught us by surprise, and we scrambled to make it happen. If you haven't had a chance yet to read about it on (more photos over there too), let me fill you in a bit… ➕ This serene piece of property is 1.5 acres in a rural neighborhood, but only 10 minutes from the center of town. ➕ It's flat, wide open and sunny with lush green pasture. We also have deeded water rights, which allows us to use water from the canal to irrigate our land. ➕ The concrete cistern in the back holds our irrigation water, and irrigation lines run the entire length of the property. (We'll be able to have our own mini farm!) ➕ Our dreams for developing this parcel include an energy-efficient house, food forest, vegetable garden, greenhouse, chicken run, swimming pond, outdoor kitchen/fire pit/hot tub/entertaining area, and for the kids, a treehouse and pump track! Not all at once, of course… we'd be grateful just to have a basic home to move into the first year. ➕ There's currently an old mobile home and some rundown wood sheds on the property, which all need to be demolished before any building can begin. ➕ Because of these existing structures, we're very lucky to have a 300-foot driveway in place and utilities already trenched to the building site. On the downside, the (very old, unpermitted) septic system needs to be replaced and we're undergoing a septic feasibility study right now. As we're finding out, all of these initial land improvements add up quickly! 💸 I'll be documenting these first few months as we clear the land and get it ready for construction, so I hope you'll follow along!

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Music: “New Day” by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:

+Listen to the original episode:Ep. 2-10: Unconventional Edibles & Whole Harvest Cooking | Linda Ly
+Linda’s website:Garden Betty


Summer Encore: Backyard Butterflies Field Guide | Erin Gettler

Imagine taking an interest in all things lepidoptera to a whole new level—from curious naturalist to field guide author. That’s what my guest for this episode, Erin Gettler, did in 2017 with her book Bird Watcher’s Digest Butterflies Backyard Guide. In this episode from season 2, Erin and I chat about the work involved in creating a field guide from the research involved to the fascinating tidbits of information she learned while writing the book. There’s a lot packed into the episode—do check out the book if you’d like to delve more into the world of butterflies in your own backyard!

Music: “New Day” by Lee Rosevere

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Show Notes:
+The Familiar Wilderness: Erin’s website
+@thefamiliarwilderness on Instagram
+Episode 2-9: The original episode for this podcast.
+Episode 1-9: Erin’s first guest appearance on the podcast where we talk all things natural history!
+A Tribute to Bill Thompson III, a Birding Leader, Innovator, and Friend via Audubon

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