Tracking Novel Invasive Species: Green Cliff Brake Fern & the Jorō spider

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Misti Little (@oceanicwilderness) Sign up for the podcast newsletter —> HERE! +The Jorō Jungle in North Georgia via Using Georgia Native Plants +Invasive Spiders Don’t Have to Stay via Using Georgia Native Plants +NEW FIND: JORO SPIDER via Southern Meadows +JORO SPIDER UPDATE: CONTROLLING THIS INVASIVE […]

A Naturalist’s Book of Wildflowers | Laura C. Martin

Laura C. Martin is the author of 26 books that span a 40 year career. She paints and writes from Atlanta, Georgia where she’s lived throughout her life. Gardening and art was cultivated in her from a young age with parents who enjoyed both and over the years she adapted writing her books to also […]

Ep. 4-11: Collard Greens + Mangoes: Merging Southern and Tropical Flavors in Florida | Danielle Rose

View this post on Instagram My grandma gave me bulbs of her gloriosa lilies and now they’re trailing all over our yard, up the lemon tree, and over the fence. Fine by me. #gloriosalily #floridagarden #grandmasgarden #gloriosa #flamelily A post shared by Suwannee Rose (@suwanneeroses) on Nov 20, 2018 at 10:18pm PST Music: Going Home […]