Ep. 2-1: Planning + Using Your Harvest | Julie Rorrer with Gardenkeepr

Earlier this year I came across Julie’s Instagram feed where she posts as Gardenkeepr, her garden planner business. I was intrigued but not quite ready to bit the bullet with garden planners—I’ve been burned in the past. Recently she updated her planners for 2017 which included a downloadable PDF version in addition to a digital version which she sells on her website Gardenkeepr. The PDF version worked perfectly for me, allowing me to print on demand and add additional pages as needed. Julie sent me a sample of the digital version for those more inclined to keep up with their gardens on their computer and I must say, I am impressed.

Julie and I chatted about her experiences gardening in both Texas and in the northeast of the US, becoming a master gardener, and how she began developing the planner for herself and how it has rapidly expanded from selling to only friends and family to now other gardeners throughout the country. You can find the print, PDF, and digital versions of the planner at Gardenkeepr.com and Julie on Instagram at @gardenkeepr.

Music: Lee Rosevere ‘Going Home’


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