Ep. 3-13: All The Seeds


I’m working on getting more guests scheduled for upcoming episodes but until then you’ve got me once again for a solo episode! I recently made a seed purchase from Botanical Interests after I received a gift certificate from my friend Chel. Chel had sent it as a thank you over Christmas for keeping tabs on her while she went through Hurricane Irma. You can read Chel’s hurricane entires here. Chel and I used to run Sprout Dispatch along with my brother—take a look through the archives, there’s a lot of good garden writing there! I thought I’d share some of the seeds I ordered and talk a little bit about what they were!

At the end I mention a ‘wintry mix’—I recorded this on 1/15—the mix is happening now! Everything is iced up, we had some issues with our well pump being frozen and it is going to be a mess!

On to the seed order. Here’s what I bought:
Calendula Pacific Beauty
Echinacea ‘Purple Coneflower’
Echinacea ‘White Swan’
Spinning Gourd
Black Velvet Nasturtium
Palmer’s Penstemon
Black Swan Poppy
Lauren’s Grape Poppy
Holy Basil/Tulsi
Mrs. Burn’s Lemon Basil
Dill ‘Bouquet’
Dill ‘Tetra’
New Zealand Spinach
Shiso Perilla
Habanada Pepper
Pink Banana Winter Squash
Daikon Radish
Red Siberian Tomato
Glacier Tomato
Bluebonnet ‘Sundial

+My experience growing Lauren’s Grape Poppy.
+Holy Basil from You Grow Girl

Music: “New Day” by Lee Rosevere


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