Ep. 3-23: Season 3 Conclusion and Season 4 Brainstorming

Hello! Thank you for making this season successful! It was my biggest season yet and I hope to make Season 4 even bigger! If you could take a few minutes out of your day to fill out a quick survey here about the podcast season, I would greatly appreciate it! It will give me a bit of an idea about who you are as a listener and what you liked this season! It takes just a couple of minutes and would help me out a lot! Thank you!

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Season 3 Episodes in case you missed one!

Season 1 Episodes & Season 2 Episodes

And for some Show Notes:

Workman’s Friend: You can find it at Lowe’s and Amazon. If you purchase off of Amazon use the code GDPATH10 through the end of May 2018. If you’d like to try a sample send me an email with your address and I can send you a sample! My email is over —> on the side bar!

What do lotus leaves and Chinese acrobats have do with my job? The later is a good analogy for the former when talking about the newest product! Did you know the surface of lotus leaves are self-cleaning? Water beads up and rolls off them, washing away any dirt, dust, or debris. How do they do this? Their surface is covered with microscopic acrobats! Okay, not really. What their surface has is millions of tiny bumps that are just the right size to keep "kicking" water off itself, kind of like an acrobat keeping a barrel spinning with their legs. Got it? Okay, now imagine applying similar bumps to your skin but not only are the bumps just right for kicking away water, they're made of a material that does the same for chemical such as paint, gas, grease, dyes, glues, corrosives…and plant irritants! Well, that's what "Workman's Friend Barrier Skin Cream" does! It temporarily binds such bumps to the dead cells at the surface of your skin, creating an impenetrable, invisible, non-greasy, unnoticeable layer of protection! I love biomimicry! You can buy it from Amazon here: https://goo.gl/pzPnke . #merriwetherchemist #realjob #scientist #chemistry #lotus #biomimicry #lasts4hours #protection #nature_perfection #superpower #nopoisonivy #workmansfriend #inmybag

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