Sourcing Native Plants

In this episode I talk about how you can source native plants for your home garden! Once you start getting an interest in native plants it can send you down a rabbit hole in growing all-things-native! The downside is a diversity of native plants can be hard to find! I hope this episode gives you some ideas on where to start looking and branching out for native plants in your garden!

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Show Notes
+Prairie Moon
+Prairie Nursery
+Mail Order Natives
+Native American Seeds
+Woodthrush Natives
+The Common Milkweed Nursery
+Spadefoot Nursery
+Izel Plants
+Almost Eden Plants
+MO Wildflower
+Possibility Place
+Florida Association of Native Nurseries
+Sharon’s Florida -Etsy
+Lupine Gardens – Etsy
+Jason Native Garden – Etsy
+The Petite Garden – Etsy
+Box Turtle Seeds – Etsy
+BW Aviary – Etsy
+Southland Sun and Shade – Etsy
+My Botanical Roots – Etsy
+NP Society of Texas – Native Plant Resources
+USFS Collection Permits


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