Quick Re-Introduction and Welcome to New Listeners…

Hello! If you are here from the Garden Blogger’s Fling website, welcome! I’m glad you found this little corner of the gardening world!

You can read a bit of how and why I started the podcast here but the basics are that The Garden Path Podcast was formed in late 2015 when several of the gardening podcasts I had been listening to stop producing content. I began by reaching out to friends and family to create episodes before slowly chatting with other gardeners I admired and wanted to get to know! In late 2019 I decided to put the podcast on hold for a while as I was feeling burned out and it wasn’t until coronavirus and quarantine started that I dusted off the podcast and began recording solo episodes. I’ve taken the last few months to figure out where I want to go with the podcast and at the moment I am slowly steering this podcast towards getting gardeners into a broader interest of nature—becoming better naturalists! I hope that you bear with me if you’ve listened to the podcast before and were here for guest interviews! I still may have some from time to time but for now I’ll be working on sharing shorter, solo episodes about gardening and nature!

If you’ve not listened to the podcast before you can subscribe here or find the podcast on just about any podcatcher service from Apple Podcasts to Spotify! I’m also working to get episodes up on YouTube, something I started off doing early on but abandoned when life got complicated with a toddler a few years ago. Said toddler is now going to be a six year old so my time management is a little better these days!

If you want to listen to older episodes the side bar over there –> is a great place to click around and find something of interest to listen to! There are folks from urban farmers to Florida naturalists and beyond, something for everyone!

I’ve also been a guest on several other podcasts:
+Organic Gardening in the Southern Garden: Interview with Misti Little of the Garden Path Podcast on The Beginner’s Garden Podcast with Jill McSheehy
+053: Environmental Podcasting, Gardening and the Florida Trail with Misti Little of The Garden Path Podcast on A Sustainable Mind
+Misti Little, The Garden Path Podcast on the SodShow

And you can always find me on @thegardenpathpodcast on Instagram, over on YouTube and blogging at Oceanic Wilderness.

I hope you stay and listen and connect with me online! I’m always looking to get to know other gardeners and naturalists out there!


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