Ep. 4-2: Gardening, Cooking, & Slow Living in Nova Scotia | Sherrie Graham & Nova Scotia Kitchens

Music: Going Home by Lee Rosevere

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*Note: in the episode I mention Margaret Roach’s garden as being in zone 6—I was mistaken, she is in 5b! My apologies!*

Show Notes
+Nova Scotia Kitchens Podcast Website–be sure to flip through her beautiful show notes!
+@grahamsherrie on Instagram–her personal Instagram page
+@NovaScotiaKitchens on Instagram–the podcast’s Instagram page
+Nova Scotia Kitchens on Facebook
+Out of Old Nova Scotia Kitchens cookbook on Amazon—a bit of the inspiration for Sherrie’s podcast
+The Weekend Gardener Radio Show with Nicki Jabbour–Sherrie’s episode is the August 5, 2018 episode.
+Nova Scotia Kitchens offers tasty recipes, blog and podcast via the Yarmouth County Vanguard
+The Wellington Farm–Sherrie’s website

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