Ep. 3-22: Tropical Aspirations and Edible Gardening in New York State | Sheron McFarlane

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BODI aka LONG BEANS aka SNAKE BEANS aka WHATEVER YOU CALL IT! ? Do you grow them? In Trinidad & Tobago ?? we call them Bodi and truth be told, I hated them as a child…I detested them! Fast forward to my adult years and they’re a staple in my New York-Caribbean backyard garden! My favorite way to eat them is curried alongside some piping hot roti but since I no longer desire processed oil in my life, I’ve been gulping them down with simple steamed rice…and they’re freaking delicious, oye!!!!!! . Do you grow or eat them as well? What is your take? Let me know below ?? I honestly haven’t been able to find a variety that’s as robust and tasty as the ones we have back home but Baker Creek usually has seeds that do the job.

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Over the last few years Instagram has been a great place for me to meet gardeners! It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of exploring hashtags and looking to see who other people follow—somehow I came across Sheron McFarlane’s account @whatsheydid, followed her and saw that she had a blog. Gardening in New York State by way of Trinidad and Tobago, Sheron’s blog is chock-full of posts about her gardening journey, her interest in cooking, as well as other outdoorsy activities. I quickly subscribed to her blog—it’s rare to come across someone actively garden blogging these days!—and knew that I wanted to chat with Sheron about her garden. Considering it is a vastly different growing zone than mine and combined with her tropical roots, I wanted to know more about the climate she gardens in and how she attempts to incorporate some of the edibles from her homeland into a zone 5b garden in the Hudson Valley!

We had an awesome conversation and it was easy to feel the excitement and enthusiasm in Sheron’s voice about her garden! Despite working long hours as a nurse, she gardens alongside her husband to provide food for the year. I think you’ll find yourself as excited about the upcoming gardening season as she is and maybe wanting to incorporate even more edibles in your landscape than you initially planned. I suddenly felt very behind and I’m already several months ahead in growing!

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