Ep. 2-6: Urban Backyard Edible Gardening | Kara Bova

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Today’s guest is an urban backyard gardener who focuses on growing edibles for her family. Kara Bova is based out of North Texas and gardens in zone 8a and documents her garden at Nourishing Pursuits. In that space she also writes educational garden blogs designed to help new gardeners as well as interviews gardeners from various walks and stages of garden life. It was through one of her guests, Lisa Coffee, that I came across Kara and her blog. Ever searching for Texas gardeners, I’m so glad I was able to connect with yet another!

You can also follow Kara on Instagram at @nourishingpursuits or via her her Facebook group.

Music: ‘Going Home’ by Lee Rosevere

Show Notes:
+Kara’s Meet the Grower Series
+Tulle as a Row Cover
+Growing Peanuts


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