Ep. 2-2: Local Food, Farmers Markets, and Simple Living | Lisa Valinsky

A few years ago I came across Lisa’s blog and was intrigued by her writing about life in New England, from the gorgeous farmers markets she visited, the the wonderful places she was often hiking. Over time we made a connection and have become internet friends and after seeing Lisa post about getting a garden plot at a community garden this summer I knew that she would be an excellent guest on the podcast. We talked about her background working on local farms and farmstands as well as managing farmers markets in New York City, to managing expectations in balancing life with a baby and attempting to grow a little bit of her own food during this past summer. You can follow Lisa’s writings here and see her beautiful Instagram feed here. Lisa also has a weekly newsletter that I highly recommend subscribing to for interesting tidbits and thoughts she has to share each week.

Music: Lee Rosevere ‘Going Home’


3 thoughts on “Ep. 2-2: Local Food, Farmers Markets, and Simple Living | Lisa Valinsky

  1. Eren says:

    Just loved this podcast! Makes me think back to when we were first gardening in Virginia with my little ones. And now they’re all in high school and middle school and how the garden is still a big part of our life, but has shifted significantly to talks about health and more of the cooking side of things. Thanks!!!

    • Misti says:

      🙂 YAY! I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. It’s always fun to sit back and reflect on how things have changed because it happens so quickly!

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