Ep. 1-17: Summer Garden Journal 4 | Cool Plants + Fall Garden Planning

July is almost over! The evenings are getting shorter and we’re heading for autumn. But summer still has a lot packed into it and I talked today about what’s going on in our Texas vegetable garden and flower garden. We got a little rain today, first decent amount in months!

Sit back and have a listen! Show notes are below.

Show Notes
+Pseuderanthemum alata: chocolate plants
+Ruellia caroliniensis: Carolina ruellia
Salvia elegans: pineapple sage
+Formosa lily
+Solandra maxima: chalice vine
+Satoyama Homestead
+Paths of Desire by Dominique Browning
+Onward and Upward in the Garden by Katherine White

A few posts from my blog…
+Plans I Wish I Still Had: some photos of a chalice vine we grew in Florida are in this post.
+The Formosa Lilies Take Center Stage: a post from my garden earlier this month
+Red on Yellow: the first coral snake we found in our yard.
+Snakes: Friends not Foes
+Rehoming Monarch Caterpillars

Happy Gardening!


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