Ep. 1-9: Becoming a Naturalist | Erin Gettler

In today’s episode I talk to naturalist, artist, gardener, and soon-to-be author, Erin Gettler. Erin is based out of Long Island and writes at The Familiar Wilderness when she’s not having a big year in projects, like she had in 2015! We talked about a variety of topics, ranging from her naturalist beginnings, being a birder, exploring local parks, and incorporating all of these things as she mentors and works with others at a school garden.

There was so much to talk about that I forgot to even bring up her super-awesome monarch sighting a few years ago! I will definitely have Erin on in the future to not only talk about this experience but of course to talk about her forthcoming book! She briefly mentions what she’s working on at the end of the podcast and I am definitely looking forward to supporting a fellow naturalist and artist in her endeavor.

Where you can find Erin:
+The Familiar Wilderness
+Bird Seed Field Guide
+The Familiar Wilderness Tiny Letter—>this is her monthly newsletter!
+@familiarwldrnss on Twitter

Music: Adam Selzer ‘True North’

Show Notes:
+The Long Island Project
+John Heinz NWR
+The passenger pigeon and Carolina parakeet
+Tomato Hornworm

+Second Nature: A Gardeners Education by Michael Pollan
+The Warbler Guide
+Lab Girl by Hope Jahren
+Baby Birds: An Artist Looks Into The Nest by Julie Zickefoose
+Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide
+The Forest Unseen by DG Haskell

People and Other Sites
+Doug Tallamy
+Julie Zickefoose
+Bird and Moon
+Your Wild City

Twitter Personalities (Notes from Erin)
@annewhilborn (Ph.D. student studying cheetahs on the Serengeti, tweets photos and research all the time)
@RosemaryMosco (creator of Bird and Moon and Your Wild City)
@alongsidewild (reptile researcher who tweets about snakes!)
@EdYong209 and @helenjmacdonald (two fantastic writers, science and natural history. I follow them so I never miss their articles!)


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