Ep. 1-7: At Home on the Prairie| Elizabeth

This podcast was a fun one to do and I’m willing to bet Elizabeth will be on the show again in the future. Elizabeth and I are second cousins but up until 2008 or 2009 we didn’t know each other existed. Maybe in some kind of out there way, but our mother’s had been out of contact for almost 30 years. As fate would have it, we had similar interests and genealogy was one of them. Elizabeth stumbled across an ancient forum post of mine from 2002-2004 where I had posted about one of our mutual relatives, wanting to find more information about him. She replied to my post and an email was sent to me and from there we’ve been in contact ever since.

Gardening is another one of the many interests we share and I wanted to have her on to talk about her own garden in Norman, Oklahoma as well as to talk a little bit about gardening heritage. We also touch a bit on the landscape of Oklahoma and how the prairies and central plains states are often overlooked in regards to being a beautiful habitat to enjoy.

Music: Adam Selzer ‘True North’

Where you can find Elizabeth:
+ Elizabeth’s Website
+ Pickled Okra Podcast
+ Picture Shows and Petticoats Podcast
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3 thoughts on “Ep. 1-7: At Home on the Prairie| Elizabeth

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