Ep. 1-6: Communicating Ecology through Art| Leigh Martin

I’m so excited to share this interview with y’all! Leigh and I were able to rerecord the podcast we attempted a few weeks ago and I’m so glad we did! Leigh is an Urban Forester by profession but a passionate knitter who works to communicate her love for the natural world through her craft. She creates fabulous knitted installations that she exhibits around her home state of Oklahoma. In this podcast we touch a bit on her job as an Urban Forester, her passion for trees, and dive a little bit into how she works to communicate nature to others via her chosen medium of fiber arts. We also talked a bit about her personal garden, bee keeping, and indoor plants.

You can visit Leigh’s website here: Leigh Martin Art.

Show Notes:
+ Leigh’s fantastic installations!
+ Leigh’s Living Wall
+ Kentucky coffee tree via the University of Kentucky.
+ Osage orange via Great Plains Nature Center and Osage Orange via In Defense of Plants.
+ Texas mountain laurel
+ Top Bar & Langstroth Bee Hives
+Witches’ Broom


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