How I Use iNaturalist

A black vulture seen at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. January 1, 2021.

Today I’m walking y’all through how I use the citizen science app, iNaturalist! I hope it inspires you to get out and start logging nature around you! Have questions on what I talk about? Feel free to comment below and I can attempt to help you out!

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Show Notes
+Folks to follow over on iNat: @anewman, @choess, @heatherholm, @greglasley, @milkweedguy, @sambiology, @seabrookeleckie, @bouteloua, @kimberlietx, @lisa281.
+Helpful articles from iNat users and Curators:
Identifying Solidago altissima & Solidago canadensis
Identifying Sambucus “nigra” in eastern North America
Texas Woolly Oak Galls
Elm: Identify Four Elms by Spring Samaras
Key to Rubus spp of Texas (Dewberries, blackberries, and brambles)
Privets in the sanctuary, oh my!
Texas species of Dandelion, as near as I can tell
False Foxgloves: how to know the species of Agalinis in Texas
A Collection of Identification Guides via lisa281
Key to Trees of North Central Texas
Trilogy: Fascinating Viornae Natives of Texas, by Sonnia Hill
Pollinating Beetles of Texas


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