Ep. 3-18: Grow Milkweed Plants | Brad Grimm

If you’ve ever thought growing milkweed for the monarchs seemed to be a difficult task, then this episode is for you. While some milkweed species are available commercially at nurseries, many species that are endemic to each of our own backyards can be more difficult to find. And if you are able to find those in seed form, knowing how to germinate them with success can even be trickier!

I first came across Brad Grimm on Twitter when I was still using the social media site. He became interested in growing milkweed for the monarch butterflies after a disappointing trip to a California roost site in 2013 and has been working to establish and expand his own milkweed population since then. In addition, he is working to provide an educational resource for others attempting to do the same thing.

This episode pairs well with Episode 3-10 where I discuss my experience raising monarch butterflies. I learned several interesting things in this podcast in regards to other germination techniques and I think I will be giving a few a try soon!

Be sure to check out the show notes below and to sign up for milkweed madness!

Show Notes:
+Grow Milkweed Plants
+Brad’s post about water germination of milkweed
+@growmilkweed on Twitter
+Grow Milkweed Plants on Facebook
+Grow Milkweed Plants Group on Facebook.
+@growmilkweedplantson Instagram
+Trudi’s Winter Sowing website


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