Ep. 1-18: Summer Garden Journal 5 | Live from My Backyard + August is Brutal

It feels like summer should be winding down but in all reality, especially here in Texas, we’ve got until the end of September before thinks start looking to cool off at all. It’s in the high 90s or 100s here with a lot of humidity, which combined puts the afternoons into a situation where gardening isn’t that appealing.

I sat down in my backyard during my lunch break to record this episode and touched on an update on the aspects of the garden as well as described where I was looking as I talked to y’all. Stay tuned for the end for a touch of the sounds I hear when all is quiet—and all isn’t really quiet is it?

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Music: Adam Selzer ‘True North’


Ep. 1-17: Summer Garden Journal 4 | Cool Plants + Fall Garden Planning

July is almost over! The evenings are getting shorter and we’re heading for autumn. But summer still has a lot packed into it and I talked today about what’s going on in our Texas vegetable garden and flower garden. We got a little rain today, first decent amount in months!

Sit back and have a listen! Show notes are below.

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Show Notes
+Pseuderanthemum alata: chocolate plants
+Ruellia caroliniensis: Carolina ruellia
Salvia elegans: pineapple sage
+Formosa lily
+Solandra maxima: chalice vine
+Satoyama Homestead
+Paths of Desire by Dominique Browning
+Onward and Upward in the Garden by Katherine White

A few posts from my blog…
+Plans I Wish I Still Had: some photos of a chalice vine we grew in Florida are in this post.
+The Formosa Lilies Take Center Stage: a post from my garden earlier this month
+Red on Yellow: the first coral snake we found in our yard.
+Snakes: Friends not Foes
+Rehoming Monarch Caterpillars

Happy Gardening!


Ep. 1-16: Summer Garden Journal 3 | It’s Hot + Good Garden Things

July is already here! We’re full-on into summer and as always in Texas, it’s hot! In this episode I talk about a variety of random gardening things starting from thanking my first reviewer on iTunes, a gardening bit I noticed on Orange Is The New Black, making and canning my first batch of blackberry jam, to talking about almost losing our honeybee hive. There’s lots of good stuff packed into this episode!

Show Notes:
+Starting From Scratch with Katie Swanberg: the episode in which we talk about sheet mulching.
+Becoming a Naturalist with Erin Gettler: episode in which Erin mentions Hope Jahren and Lab Girl. My May 2016 book report in which I talk about the book on my blog.
+Project Tree Collard
+Blackberry Jam recipe
+Hope Jahren on A Way To Garden podcast
+Oceanic Wilderness: my blog where I document most of my garden
+Sow True Seed
+Dragon Tongue Beans

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Music: Adam Selzer ‘True North’

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